Fetus dies in womb of infected mother

The coronavirus (covid-19) continues to wreak havoc around the world. The entire planet is facing the disease, having been plunged into a health crisis for almost a year. Following the appearance of the virus, health authorities had said that people of a certain age, and who had other health problems, in particular heart, are more likely to contract the disease much more than the youngest.

The mother was at her 36e week of pregnancy

Recently a fetus has fallen victim to the disease, in Israel. He died in the womb of his mother, who had already been infected with the disease. The information was given by Israeli doctors. According to these, the mother was at her 36e week of pregnancy. After falling ill yesterday, Saturday February 27, 2021, she was taken to the medical center Meir of Kfar Saba.

Another stillborn baby

The doctors who quickly examined her discovered that the baby she was carrying was already dead. Analyzes later revealed that the fetus had also contracted the coronavirus. In addition, the media Times Of Israel said the hospital did not make it clear that the fetus’ death was due to the virus. As a reminder, this death occurs a few weeks after the case of another stillborn baby. Her mother also had the virus. The transmission had been through the placenta.

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