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Ivona Fialková.

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Slovak biathletes were expected to fail as a result in the relay races at the World Championships in Poljuk, but Ivona Fialková also had another reason for a bad mood.

The experienced racer, who started the Slovak relay, almost cried after two penalty circuits on the shooting range and the 21st place in front of the RTVS camera. In addition to the weaker standing shooting, she was also upset by the moment when her opponent broke her club and had to complete part of the track on the hill without support in her hands.

“I have a hard time finding words. My psyche is certainly not as resilient as before. On the other hand, I don’t know if it was seen in the TV shot, but in the second lap, the Frenchwoman jumped on my stick and broke it just in front of the steep hill, “Ivona Fialková told RTVS and continued critically:

“None of our people were on the track at the time to hand me a spare stick. I had to complete the whole hill without sticks and other competitors would have a big problem stopping the stand if they went in front of it without sticks. I don’t know where the mistake was that none of our people are on the track who would give me a spare club… “

Slovak national team members Ivona Fialková, Paulína Fialková, Henrieta Horvátová, Veronika Machyniaková finished in 21st place and in the end, after being caught up by the leaders from Norway, V. Machyniaková had to get off the track prematurely. The older of the Fialek sisters, Paulína, stated on the margin of her performance in the second section (1 penalty circuit) and at the entire championship in Pokljuk:

“I tried to catch up as much as I could on the track from what Ivka lost when she was circling. ‘Stojka’ was a risk and it didn’t work out. Given what I’ve been through in the previous months, I was pleased with at least 13th place in the sprint, and the moment I got COVID-19, I thought that the next Olympic season would be important and I will try to do it already. just somehow finish.

The younger Ivona Fialková, who reached the highest 65th place in the speed races at the World Championships in 2021, added with frustration: “Still, it’s next year’s Olympic season, because I don’t know how to look for motivation.”

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