Fight against Covid-19 – I’m afraid of the vaccine … Is this normal, doctor?

After the vaccination of the elderly will come that of the population less at risk. What will the hesitant do? Major stake, while doctors are not spared by the doubt.

The Covid-19 crisis makes the public discover a world of high technology, but difficult to access.


This is only a poll, and it is only valid for a time “t”, in this case December. But just before Christmas, the Swiss were rather divided on the vaccination against Covid-19. Some 53% of people presenting themselves as favorable to this tool of preventive medicine in general said they were indeed reluctant towards this precise vaccine, with which “we lack experience”, according to a survey by Marketagent. At the beginning of January, a score with 5000 readers of the “Tribune de Genève” and of “24 heures” also showed that if these new vaccines are generally well received, one in four people, all the same, does not intend to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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