FilGoal | News | Ashour, revealing the scenes of the crisis: Feiler violated Al-Khatib’s decision .. The Sheikh family loves Al-Ahly more than people in the club

Hossam Ashour, Al-Ahly’s captain, whose club announced the end of their relationship, revealed new scenes in his major crisis with the club’s management, stressing that Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in Saudi Arabia and the former honorary club president, loves Al-Ahly “more than people inside it.”

Ashour said on the program “Sweatshirts of confusion” on the An-Nahar channel: “What happened to me is a miracle. 16 years old, no one heard my voice.”

He explained, “Last December, renewal negotiations started with Syed Abdul Hafeez, the director of the ball, so I told him that I wanted to continue for two years to become the most crowned player in the world.”

“Abdel Hafeez told me that he will send my wish to Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club president, and then Abdel Hafeez told me that al-Khatib told him (what Ashour wants, they implemented it to him).”

He explained, “This was in the month of December, then I went to the planning committee on this basis, but they told me that the coach, Rene Fyler does not want me, so I told them how that is based on the speech of the speaker, but they informed me of the end of my role and gave me the exceptions announced later.”

He revealed, “I asked for a period of reflection, when the director of the club’s media center, Jamal Jabr, informed me that Turki Al-Sheikh would interfere in the matter, and they asked me to agree with him. I do not have the nerve to talk to myself with the Sheikh about this.”

“One of the officials from his office spoke to me and told me (the counselor tells you your orders are orders).”

“Then I got a Turkish number for Al-Sheikh from Jamal Jabr, and I sent him a letter to reply to me quickly, and he asked me to communicate with Muhammad Jamal Al-Asi (the player’s agent and CEO of Almeria Club) to coordinate the matter.”

He revealed, “Al-Asi informed me that all my requests are answered. Turki Al-Sheikh loves Al-Ahly more than people inside the club himself.”

“We started negotiating the arrangements for my retirement match, where I took the decision, for a month and a half,” he added.

“After we finished all negotiations with Turki Al-Sheikh, I contacted Jabr on Thursday and explained it to him. Al-Sheikh asked me to make a triple contract with Al-Ahly and Almeria, but Jabr refused and told me that the club would give me a letter with him agreeing to play the game of my retirement, and Turki Al-Sheikh agreed to this matter through the sinner. “

“Jabr told me to get the signature of Abdul Hafeez, who was in Ain Sukhna, and I sent a friend to do that. I got the signature and went with it to Mohamed Morgan, the club’s CEO, and I got the letter of approval the next day.”

“Here I started procrastination by Jamal Jabr. I was asked to make a video with thanks to all players, departments, workers, and everyone, including the Sheikh, then the Sheikh was supposed to publish a tweet in which he agreed to organize the match, then Al-Ahly would thank the Sheikh. The 3 parties were in agreement. “

“For 3 hours, Jamal Jabr asks me for changes to the video, before (I answer another) and ask him to send me a letter that I read, which happened.”

“From 8 until 12 and a half hours in the morning, we were waiting for the answer form from Al-Ahly, but the preacher did not answer his phone because according to Jabr, his grandson was exposed to a health problem. I tried to call him but he did not answer,” he stressed.

“I called Mr. Abdel Hafeez, I explained it to him, and he told me that he would return to me with a solution. Then he called me with Jabr and asked me to calm down and come to the club the next day to shoot another video, and here I got angry and said what should we do 3 hours ago!”

He continued, “The next day I try to communicate with Al-Khatib, Jabr, or Abdul Hafeez.”

“When the Sheikh family orders my family to thank him, why do they attack me now?” He attacked.

And he added, “What happened was from people. Al-Ahly made people know Ashour. My relationship with Al-Ahly will not end, as Abdel Hafeez said. My connection with him is great. My relationship ended with some officials, but Al-Ahly will remain as long as my home.”

“I appreciate the Sheikh family with all appreciation and respect, thank him for the millionth time and wish him a speedy recovery.”

On June 22, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football in Al-Ahly, announced the end of the Red Club’s relationship with former team captain Hossam Ashour.

Al-Ahly’s official website quoted Abdel Hafeez’s statements saying: “As for Husam Ashour, his role and his relationship with the team have ended with the decision of the board of directors issued earlier this month. The player was thanked for the period he spent with his colleagues in the ranks of Al-Ahly and wished him success in his next step.”

Al-Ahly had announced earlier the cancellation of the exceptions submitted to Husam Ashour after the end of his contract with the club regarding the retirement match and work in the club’s channel and obtaining a training period in Europe. And also thank him.

And that is after the club announced several months ago that the current season is the last for Ashour and his contract will not be renewed.

Ashour decides not to retire and continue playing for the next several years.

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