Film Festival: 23 years later, the shoots are still new

The Zinemira Awards, which are highly esteemed by the film world, will pay tribute to Kimuak, a program to support Basque short films, this year, decided by the San Sebastian Festival itself and the EPE / APV and IBAIA producers’ associations.

It will be in good company for the team that has been fighting for the film that started / grew here and there since 1998. In fact, over the years, many of our heroes, warriors and creators have acted in our cinema and in many others, fearfully, enthusiastically and with the recognition of everyone. For example, Imanol Uribe, the director of ‘La muerte de Mikel’, broke a new era in our cinema. Or Elias Querejeta, who produced works by Carlos Saura and Victor Erice. Or Pedro Olea performed the real ‘Akelarre’ (not the other, by Pablo Agüero). Or Michel Gaztambide, a teacher and master of eleven famous screenwriters. Or Sara Bilbatua, who has no competitors in the selection of actors for a film. Or Juanba Berasategui spent his whole life in the spirit of animated drawing

They have won the Zinemira Award before the Kimuak program. It is not surprising that it is so esteemed and prized.

It is also not surprising that the Festival and the producers want to bring the Kimuak program to the degree it deserves.

It is also not surprising that the Festival and the producers want to bring the Kimuak program to the degree it deserves

Years have passed. A century was over; we started a new one and Kimua was there. Jo ta fuego. Almost the guardians, guides, agents, ambassadors, salesmen of the first steps of the filmmakers here. The ones here or the ones located here. The cinema, right here, in this country of origin or reception, that they wanted to set up. Those who wanted to shoot here or near (even far away, don’t think).

No one asked anyone for ‘papers’. But everyone needed to have a passport, because the shorts they created would be presented at a thousand film festivals around the world. Also select producers, programmers, distributors, festival judges, and business men and women. The authors needed an updated passport in their pocket because they had to defend their films here and there.

Since the buds were launched, many of the big names in our cinema that we all have in mind or come to mind have had the support they need. Shall we start refreshing our memory? Koldo Almandoz, Izibene Oñederra, Isabel Herguera, Luis Bermejo, Borja Cobeaga, Mikel Gurrea, David Perez Sañudo, Paul Urkijo, Raul de la Fuente, Pello Gutierrez, Iban del Campo, Sara Fantova…

Since the launch of Kimuak, many of the great names of our cinema that we all have in mind or come to mind have had the support of

The pleasures and emotions of receiving the award will not stop the work of Txema Muñoz and Esther Cabrero, fine workers / fighters. This year, too, all buyers and selectors who come to the Kimuen Harvest Festival will have it available. Included on the screen. In front of the eye.

Want a title? The salty, beautiful, very very physical salty work of Heltzear, programmed in the important section of Zabaltegi; very intimate and, at the same time, one that we will all feel ours …

Also on display is the rather pandemic Ikikomori by Borja Crespo, who has been in the sauce of horror and fantasy. Or the Blue Sky of Lur Olaizola, so deeply loved by Zinebi Bilbao.

No, even after 23 years, the shoots have not rotted, they have not been wasted. They have cameras as fresh as they were last century. Ears erect, eyes alert where, what to perceive and to spread to four winds, four festivals and four halls.


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