filtered access and alcohol prohibited by the police (videos)

On Wednesday, the Liège police were once again present at the Boverie park in order to limit access due to the high traffic due to the mild weather conditions at the beginning of March. The police were therefore placed at each entrance, to prevent the gatherings from being too large and novel, they asked walkers to open their bags to check that there was no alcohol in the room. interior.

“Alcohol consumption is prohibited on public roads. In addition, the situation of recent days has shown us that citizens go there to consume alcohol. The police therefore ask people who arrive with beers or other on site to drop off alcohol at their homes or in their car before returning, ”indicates the Liège police.

Access to the park is also regulated. “Police officers are at each entrance to the park in order to limit the flow. Thanks to a scale of values, the police know when the number of people present at La Boverie is too large and that new arrivals must therefore be asked to turn around, ”added the police.

Upstream, the police were already visible on site to remind people of the rules of application such as social distancing or wearing a mask. By acting in this way, the Liège police favor prevention over repression.


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