“Finally, he realized’s”: Screed hating on Stefan Raab – Tv

Dieter Bohlen taunts against Stefan Raab. Finally, the Pop Titan has realized a long time ago, as you can inspire the audience.

As “Today” reported, is bringing Entertainer Stefan Raab, a new music show to be on TV. He produced “Fame Maker”, a casting show for singers, the, alone the Performance and not the voice count.

Of course, American idol-the chief judge got Dieter Bohlen Wind of the new shipment of his colleagues and report the same to the word – see Video:

With the help of the Coaches Carolin Kebekus (40), Luke Mockridge (31) and Teddy Teclebrhan (36) is to be found in “Fame Maker” the next big Entertainer. Whoever wins, will decide the viewers.

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