Finally: Spotify invests in CD quality

Spotify Hifi. You can almost figure out what that means: yes, the Swedish streaming giant will start offering music in CD quality.

The higher sound reproduction will be in place in selected markets this autumn. Spotify has not said whether Sweden belongs to the first launch countries, nor about what it may mean for the monthly cost.

Today’s premium customers at Spotify get mp3 quality with a bit rate of 320 kbps, but can thus count on the CD format’s 1411 kbps (16 bit, 44.1 KHz) once Spotify Hifi has made its debut. Spotify and many with them are often quick to call CD quality “lossless”, but it is a bit misleading.

Sound can be reproduced in higher resolution: the streaming service Tidal can, for example, reach up to 9216 kbps (24 bit, 192 KHz). Tidal charges almost $ 20 a month for its service, while Amazon Music HD, which offers CD-quality music, costs almost $ 15.

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Apple Music is the only major streaming service that has not yet announced any plans to offer CD quality or higher. Which is strange considering their Airpods Max headphones really deserves the very best rendering.

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