Find your ancestors who arrived in Baltimore in the 19th century

The routes of migration from France to the United States have been very diverse throughout the centuries and if there were direct crossings from one of the ports on the French seafront, there were also many other possibilities passing through other countries, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland or further north. This sometimes makes it easier to find the trail of his ancestors who left for the United States in the ports of arrival than in those of departure …

To increase your chances, Geneanet recently indexed an exceptional collection from microfilms produced by the American National Archives. These are 780,000 cards containing the lists of passengers on board ships from abroad who have arrived at the port of Baltimore in Maryland between 1820 and 1897. This represents 778,474 individuals identified by 7,877 users!

The information included in each sheet includes name, first name, age, sex, nationality, last country of residence, destination, date and port of arrival, port of departure and name of vessel . The consultation of this index is free, it is accessible to any registered user of Geneanet.

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