Fire brigade and police give nurses to Catharina Hospital a heart

“I am a regular customer of the Catharina Hospital”, singer Mark Elbers from Nuenen jokes at the nursing staff who came out en masse to come and listen to his performance in the sun. The singer says he knows what it is like to be sick and wants to express great appreciation for the nurses with his performance.

During the performance of the singer, firefighters roll out a banner with the text: ‘Respect, strong together’. Because that is the message that the emergency services want to convey: together we stand strongly against corona. “Of course not all firefighters could come, otherwise it would have been completely full here”, says initiator and firefighter Marco Koenders.

Nurse Marion is one of the many people who came out to enjoy the tribute in the sun. She loves it. “It is very special to work with all of us at this time and to put our shoulders to the wheel. But that also applies to the fire brigade and police officers, for which we greatly appreciate,” says the nurse.


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