Firefighters and technicians plan the demolition of the building from the explosion

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The firefighters and technicians of the City of Madrid They plan their performance this morning in the building that this Wednesday suffered a gas explosion on Toledo Street in the capital, which left four fatalities and a dozen injured, and in which clean-up and debris removal work has resumed from the first hour.

Firefighters have stayed overnight in the building area in a preventive way, and with the first light of the day, the work of removing rubble and cleaning up all the unstable elements damaged by the shock wave has been resumed, tasks in which other municipal organizations collaborate with heavy construction machinery.

In addition, according to sources from Emergencias Madrid, there are also technicians from the City Council and the gas company collaborating in the review of the building, analyzing the situation to plan the work that will be carried out throughout the day. In an interview with Antena 3 collected by Efe, the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, explained that in the first place the upper floors of the building will be “dismantled in a controlled manner”, which are “very affected” and present “risk of collapse”.

Sources from the municipal area of ​​Urban Development have specified that they will disassemble those floors “forged to forged”, and that the intervention will be from the outside, with machinery, because it is not possible to enter the interior, so first it will be necessary to clear the rubble “and then the cranes will pass to begin demolishing.” Later, when the deterioration of the lower floors can be verified, it will be decided whether to proceed with the complete demolition of the building.

Almeida has pointed out that also the neighboring buildings will be reviewed -a nursing home, a school, the parish of La Paloma and other buildings on the sidewalk in front of the accident- to analyze if they have suffered “structural damage.” At the moment they are working to clear the area in order to restore normalcy.

The street of the explosion dawned with the presence of emergency vehicles from Madrid capital and 112, the National Police or mobility agents, who they avoided the passage of curious or the large group of journalists from getting too close that was in the place, increasingly crowded as the morning progressed.

Several tapes placed by the agents separated journalists and pedestrians to facilitate the passage of an excavator, which has continued to remove debris from the ground, and construction trucks. As well they have started to remove the “many” cars that have been damaged or directly shattered by rubble,

A neighbor who lives “right in front of where all this has happened”, Miguel Rodríguez, has explained to the media that he was preparing for una online class with the university when he noticed “how there was a giant dust cloud” and he saw “pieces of walls fly away”, some of which reached his balconies. “At that moment I and my partner got dressed instantly, we took the first thing we had, a few bottles of water in case someone needed to clean wounds or whatever, and we left instantly,” he said.

The young man says not knowing if your building has suffered structural damage, so both he and his roommate have decided to sleep with relatives; At the moment he also does not know how his house is. “We will speak with the police later to see what can be done and how to act now.”

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