First death from Covid-19 reported in Guanajuato

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Salamanca, Gto.- The Guanajuato Health Secretariat (SSG) confirmed, early this Monday morning, the first death by Covid-19 in the entity; This is a 64-year-old man who died in Salamanca. Similarly, the death of another 68-year-old from a respiratory problem was disclosed, which is analyzed to see if it is related to Coronavirus.

Daniel Díaz Martínez, head of the SSG, reported that the deceased entered the Pemex Regional Hospital along with three other older adults in critical conditions.

Dr. Díaz Martínez reported that the people who died and those hospitalized would have participated in an excursion to Chiapas between March 16 and 24, so it is being investigated if they got Covid-19 on that trip.

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Several Pemex pensioners from this city were part of the hikers, people close to the union base in Mexican oil.

In a video broadcast on the official website of the Ministry of Health, Díaz Martínez announced that all the people who made that trip are already in home insulation and they will take the necessary tests, including asymptomatic people.

He said that they are in permanent coordination with the Pemex medical team to carry out the necessary actions.

He also said that communication has been established with the mayor of Salamanca, Beatriz Hernández, to reinforce healthy distance measures and “Stay at home”.}

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Announcing the first death from Covid-19, the SSG chief said that the test of the other person who lost his life is pending.

“We were notified by the Pemex Regional Hospital in Salamanca of the unfortunate death of two people with respiratory problems, one of whom was positive for the Covid-19 screening test, and another one awaiting its result; these are two men, one 64 and one 68 years old. “

The deceased, originally from Salamanca, entered the Pemex hospital with pictures of respiratory disease.

According to the official registry of the State Government, Guanajuato has 58 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, 154 cases under investigation and 17 in recovery.



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