First official photo since Megxit: Harry, where are you hiding your hand?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan pose for a new portrait – it is their first official picture since their official royal resignation. Five things that catch the eye.

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The latest photo of Harry and Meghan is also the first official one they have released since they retired in March. It was created in her new home in California.

Matt Sayles

Shortly before the lockdown, they left their temporary refuge in Canada and traveled to the United States.

Shortly before the lockdown, they left their temporary refuge in Canada and traveled to the United States.


A few weeks ago the Sussexes moved to Montecito, California.

A few weeks ago the Sussexes moved to Montecito, California.


  • The Sussex couple had their picture taken in their new home in Montecito, California.

  • It is the first official couple photo since the spring Megxit.

  • Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39) look relaxed and relaxed on the black and white picture.

  • We show (un) royal things that stand out in the rare photo.

The Sussexes seem more relaxed than ever

Laughing, she sits on an armchair and puts her arm over his knee, he sits cool on the armrest and looks contentedly into the camera: The Sussex couple, who have almost exclusively got on the roof in the past few months, seem as relaxed and satisfied as they are seldom before.

It’s a rare photo that photographer Matt Sayles was allowed to take as part of a special “Time 100” talk the two of them are having these days. He visited Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39) in their new home in Montecito, California, where he managed to catch them in a spontaneous moment.

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Meghan plays with her hands

Despite the looseness thanks to the private setting: Meghan seems to be more tense than initially assumed – the fact that she is playing with her hands speaks for it. We took such a manual for body language.

As experienced hobby psychologists, we now add one and one thing together: If your gestures are an indication of your excitement, your conspicuous laughter could simply be a sign of nervousness.

Riddle about Harry’s hand

We would also have liked to have analyzed Harry’s hands in detail. Unfortunately we couldn’t even find one of them. While he claws the armrest with his left so as not to literally fall off the stool, his right disappears somewhere behind Meghan’s arm.

And because we don’t even recognize his fingers there, there are actually only three theories. First: He clenches his right hand into a fist (which would be exciting to interpret from a hobby psychological point of view). Second, it’s simply a Photoshop bug. Or third: he hides his hand in a very unroyal way in his crotch. We leave the decision to you:

Harry doesn’t wear a tie, Meghan wears a suit

In March, they officially resigned from their high-ranking positions within the royal family. And thus got rid of the strict royal dress codes. Harry demonstratively does without a stiff tie for the photo, Meghan shows himself in an unconventional suit by Alexander McQueen.

This is said to have cost the equivalent of around 2500 francs, which has already secured negative headlines again.

Meghan shows Diana’s jewelry

Meghan’s fingers and arm also catch the eye. Die-hard Royal fans in particular immediately recognized the watch on their wrist: it is the gold Cartier watch from Harry’s late mother Princess Diana.

According to various media reports, Lady Di received the watch from her father for her 21st birthday. It is said to be worth the equivalent of over 20,000 francs and to be Meghan’s favorite heirloom from Diana’s jewelry collection.

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