First series on the National Prize for Exact Sciences!

It’s about the first series that will star José Maza, which will be titled “The Cosmos of Profe Maza”. It will be released by the screens of TVN and TV Educa Chile the next November 28 and will feature the teacher as an animated character.

The premiere will be just at the moment when the country it is the world capital of astronomy Y ad portas of the solar eclipse that can be seen on December 14 in the Regions of The Araucanía, The rivers e Mocha Island in Biobío, they affirm from the Center for Astrophysics and Related Technology (CATA).

It is made by the producer Neurona Group and financed by Anglo American.

What will this program be like?

One of its main characteristics is show the renowned scientist in a cartoon format thanks to the technique of “Cut Out”. He will teach about eclipses, the Sun, the Moon, asteroids that could impact the Earth, future trips to Mars, the possible extraterrestrial life, among other phenomena of astronomy. Thus, it will have 12 microprogramas that have the objective of bring science to the family in an educational and entertaining way.

“For TVN, in its public role, it is very important to premiere together with TV Educa this space that allows us to approach science in a way that we can all understand it. An innovative, entertaining program, and with the outstanding professor José Maza who, in addition to his knowledge, brings great charisma and a sense of humor “, commented the Director of Programming and Production of TVN, according to CATA.

For his part, teacher affirms that he is very happy with the project that for the first time puts it as a caricature in an educational program for open television. “It’s a lot of fun to see yourself in different creative formats to reach more people with the message. I am very excited about this new challenge “commented the astronomer from the University of Chile who is also the 1999 National Exact Sciences Award.

For Andrea Obaid– Director of Neurona Group- it is extremely important to create culture in terms of science and astronomy, especially because Chile is a benchmark in this matter being a country where the largest telescopes in the world are built and also because “Perhaps discoveries will be made from our skies that will change the course of Humanity”, in his words.

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This series will be broadcast on the day November 28 and will be scheduled during mornings on Saturdays and Sundays by THE T.V Y TV Educa Chile.

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