Five Belgian nationals who left for Syria returned to Belgium last year, including a “Foreign terrorist fighter”

Among them are a man considered a “Foreign terrorist fighter” (FTF) as well as four women and nine children. Five other unaccompanied children were also repatriated to our country in 2020.

Tatiana Wielandt, Bouchra Abouallal, Nadia Baghouri and their six children returned to Belgian soil in 2020. All three were immediately imprisoned. Noura Firoud, the former companion of Shariah4Belgium’s figurehead, Houssien Eloussaki, has also returned to Belgium with her three young children, after surrendering to the Turkish authorities. Nadia Firoud had previously been sentenced by default to five years in prison, a sentence she opposed when she arrived in Belgium.

125 “Foreign terrorist fighter” already returned

With the return of these Belgians who left to fight in Syria, a total of 125 FTF have already returned to Belgium to date. In addition, around forty minors have also returned to Belgian soil.

In 2019, there were two adults and eight children. That year, no child was accompanied.


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