Five new animal species discovered on Belgian beaches

Three specimens of Yoldia, a kind of clam, were discovered this fall at the Coast. They were brought back to the beaches by storm Odette. The population of this species is still limited, Natuurpunt says. The increase in silt in Belgian coastal waters is probably in favor of this newcomer.

The second species discovered is setposaccus cuenoti. It has been found since spring on its host, the lesser hermit crab. The larva of this species, which is related to barnacles, attaches to its host and develops like a parasite that takes root through the shell to extract nutrients. Outside the host, a brown sac develops with the eggs that are released into the water.

In July, an isopod (Ceratothoa steindachneri) was also discovered. It is a live parasite, which normally lives in the oral cavity of fish. Due to global warming, the vivid ones have become more common here, just like their parasite.

Finally, two other new fish parasites were discovered: Anilocra frontalis and Nerocila bivittata.


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