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Go to the spa it is synonymous with relaxation and rest to share with the closest loved ones. However, this was not the case for two families who clashed in a brutal fight after someone let out a flatulence that, they say, spread throughout the bedroom.

The events were presented at the Caldea Thermoludic Center, in the Principality of Andorra, on October 10.

Caldea Thermal Leisure Center.


Screenshot . Official page: Caldea.com

According to local media, the relaxation center was about to close, so the attendees were in the dressing rooms changing.

One of them, for no apparent reason, would have approached another and released his windiness.

The victim claimed him for having carried out the unpleasant action, but what began as a verbal call for attention turned into fists, kicks and expletives between the two.

In the middle of the brawl, relatives of the two individuals got involved and a pitched battle broke out involving 12 people. Security agents from the spa intervened, but seeing that the situation was uncontrollable they were forced to call the local police.

But it did not end there, because the arrival of the authorities did not lower the spirits of the fight. Some involved who were in a state of anger attacked the patrols who came to dissolve the problem.

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Caldea thermal leisure center

Inside the Caldea spa where the discussion took place.


screenshot – official website: Caldea.com

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Three people were captured, including a woman who uttered serious insults to the police, for which they made the decision to arrest her for disrespect for authority.

Among those captured were the architect of flatulence, along with the one affected by the pedo.

They were released the next morning through the payment of a symbolic bail for disrespecting the police officers and for physical damage to the spa attendants, according to the Andorran media ‘Altaveu’.

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