Flood relief offers in Krefeld and the district of Viersen

Offers of help from Krefeld and the district of Viersen

Many people – also from Krefeld and the district of Viersen – want to help. We have summarized some offers for you. If you want to donate something, please remember that the things should still be in good condition. The donation offers are not a depository for bulky waste or old clothes.

We are mainly looking for:

  • dress
  • Hygiene products
  • Cover
  • Bed linen
  • towels
  • Pet food
  • Durable foods
  • Baby needs (diapers, wet wipes, food, …)
  • toy
  • beverages

Please hand in your donations as sorted and well labeled in boxes and bags.

Help from Krefeld

Studio&Boutique NaFee

The sisters Alexandra and Simone Tsafos run the Krefeld boutique Studio&Boutique NaFee and they want to help.

Place of delivery: Leutefeldstrasse 25, 47800 Krefeld

Drop-off times: On weekends during the opening times of the boutique or by arrangement

Contact: 0178 – 926 428 0 or 01 578 – 337 090 7

The sisters would be happy if you could hand in the things sorted according to women’s, children’s and men’s clothing – if possible.

Tiertafel Krefeld

The Tiertafel Krefeld also collects donations. The transport leaves in the early morning hours of July 17th.

Place of delivery: Dießemer Straße 13. Opposite the box office of the Krefeld Kulturfabrik.

Drop-off times: July 16, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Vehicle requirements Wilms

Aylin Wilms from Fahrzeugbedarf Wilms is happy to accept donations.

Place of delivery: Fahrzeugbedarf Wilms Medienstr. 31 in 47807 Krefeld

Drop-off times: July 16 and 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The farmers in Krefeld-Hüls

Until 6 p.m. (July 16) !!

Ralf Pauelsen and a few other farmers from Hüls are collecting donations and are driving towards the Eifel / Ahrweiler this afternoon (July 16).

Place of delivery: Vorderorbroich 93 or Krüserstrasse 24

Drop-off times: July 16 to around 6 p.m.

Contact: 0177/2309896 or 01786728466

Restaurant Em Credits

The operators of the restaurant Em Kontörke are looking for food and water donations, they are also happy to take brooms and shovels. The delivery will then be brought to the affected areas on Monday.

Place of delivery: Restaurant Em Kontörke, Margaretenstrasse 48 in 47809 Krefeld

Delivery times: Friday, July 16 from 5 p.m., Saturday, July 17 from 3 p.m. and Sunday, July 18 from 12 p.m.

District of Viersen

Schelsen rifle brothers

The Schützenbrüder organized a collection point

Place of delivery: Gereonstraße in Viersen

Drop-off times: Saturday, July 17th from 12:00 – 15:00

Willich flood relief

The city magazine “Experience Willich” has agreed with the Maltese and Mayor Christian Pakusch and organized a fundraising campaign. Donations are collected centrally in the city and then transported to a central collection point of the Malteser Aid Service in the Aachen city region in the crisis area by arrangement.

Donations in kind (see list below) can be submitted to the following address on Friday (July 16) from 3 p.m. Former municipal library / chapel, Albert-Oetker-Straße 100, Schiefbahn. On the grounds of the St. Bernhard Gymnasium. Approach “back” via the sports hall. Acceptance times Friday (July 16): 3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Acceptance times Saturday (July 17th): follows

Acceptance times Sunday (July 18th): follows

The following donations in kind are currently required in the crisis areas:

  • Material to clean up !!
  • Brooms, buckets, shovels, fixed (waterproof) tarpaulins
  • Baby clothes / blankets (currently NO Clothing for adults, the warehouses are well stocked)
  • originally sealed baby food
  • Diapers
  • All kinds of hygiene articles
  • durable Food
  • Blankets, sleeping bags
  • Rucksacks, suitcases, carrier bags

This list has been compiled with the coordination of the Malteser Help Service and will be updated if necessary.

  • NOTE: Not can be accepted: perishable food and (frozen) refrigerated goods
  • Toys, stuffed animals, books
  • Furniture
  • Clothes (except baby clothes)

You can also find more information on the Website of the city magazine “Experience Willich”


Donations are still being collected in Grefrath today and will be brought to the crisis areas tomorrow.

Place of delivery: Heitzerend 8, 47929 Grefrath

Delivery time: Friday, July 16, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Vintage-Store 0815 in Nettetal

The Nettetaler Vintage Store No 0815 has a lot of space available and accepts donations in kind and food which can then be used in the areas that urgently need our help.

The victims will also be happy about donations, we will forward them immediately, every euro counts, via PayPal to: [email protected] or to our bank account: DE82 3205 0000 0000 0228 22 with the subject: Flood donation Trier-Ehrang.

Dyck 10

DE- 41334 Nettetal

Opening hours:

Di. – Fr. : 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Sa. : 10:00 – 15:30

closed on Monday

Phone: +49(0)2153-9708769

WhatsApp: +49(0)157-80910165

eMail: [email protected]

Help on Facebook

The group “NRW Flood – Help Group “can be found on Facebook. or also the Severe weather relief group share many offers. Maybe you can help there quickly and easily.


All aid organizations in the regions of the flood can contact their nearest OBI store directly. Here, all helpers should be provided with everything that is needed on site, free of charge, as possible.

Donations to charities

Action bright spots

We have been helping families in need with our Lichtblicke campaign for years. Of course, even now with this storm that keeps the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia in suspense. If you want to donate, take a look at the Website of our campaign Lichtblicke über.


The Caritas associations in North Rhine-Westphalia call for donations for the victims of the floods. In order to keep the logistical effort for the Caritas forces as low as possible, Caritas asks for donations. This is how you can help in a targeted manner, they say.

Donations can be transferred to the account below:

Caritas international

Bank for Social Economy Karlsruhe

IBAN: DE88 6602 0500 0202 0202 02


Keyword: CY00897 Flood Aid Germany

The Maltese

Malteser forces are on site in the affected regions and take care of the people. Around 300 volunteers are on site, hundreds more are on standby. The Maltese are also calling for donations to help the victims of the floods quickly and unbureaucratically.

Donations can be transferred to the account below:

Malteser Hilfsdienst eV

IBAN: DE 1037 0601 2012 0120 0012


Keyword: “Emergency aid in Germany”


The DLRG helps directly on site and also asks for donations. You can donate directly online via the DLRG website

We in NRW – strong together “

Together with our colleagues from the NRW local radio stations, we have set up an action. This mainly affects our program and the music. You can ask for songs – via the page about our campaign “We in NRW – together strong”

Can you still help? Or need help?

Do you also have an offer of help? Or maybe you need help yourself? Then give us all the information using the form below. Then we would be happy to include your offer or your search!


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