Florida activated the National Guard due to the threat of civil unrest over the inauguration of Joe Biden

Members of the National Guard in Florida (Archive)

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, activated this Friday the National Guard of this state of the southeastern United States in the face of the threat of “civil unrest”Until four days after the inauguration next Wednesday of the president-elect Joe Biden.

The executive order, effective immediately and valid until January 24, foresees having the troops of the National Guard to support the local and state police forces in case of violence.

The decision comes after the federal prosecutor’s office arrested in the state capital, Tallahassee, to a man who called to face with arms the protesters who will gather in the Florida Capitol this Sunday.

Extremists who attempt to commit violence from any end of the political and social spectrum must be, and will be, detained“Said Lawrence Keefe, US Attorney for the Northern District of Florida.

The National Guard deployed from Washington for the inauguration of Biden (REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz)
The National Guard deployed from Washington for the inauguration of Biden (REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz)

Daniel Baker was arrested without incident on Friday morning.said a statement from the Justice Department, which did not specify the man’s political motivation.

Former Army soldier “I was actively recruiting“And posted videos showing him with numerous weapons,”including some with large capacity chargers”Said the prosecution.

Authorities are on alert after poor police response on Wednesday of last week when a mob of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump, who does not acknowledge his defeat, attacked Congress in Washington in a riot that left five dead.

Trump has built a solid fan base in Florida over the past four years, a crucial state in the elections, made up mostly of rural whites and far-right Hispanics.

It is also one of the states in the United States with the most lax laws regarding the purchase and carrying of weapons.

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