Florida is loyal to Donald Trump

Miami. America turns red and blue on the big screen. Bars grow and shrink again. The presenter of the left-wing liberal TV station MSNBC has already rolled up his shirt sleeves. But the guests of the pizzeria in the heart of Miami do not even look when he bends in gymnastics over North Carolina past Georgia down to Texas.

Deep basses hammer out of the speakers, the DJane lets one song slide into the next. There was no club night announced for this Tuesday at the Gramps, but a small, corona-compliant election party for the US Democrats in Miami and organizations close to them. A number of television cameras were posted because of this, but their lenses stare into space. The local leadership of the party cannot be seen. There isn’t much to celebrate.


Trump probably owes Latinos victory in Florida

While other states are still being tallied, Fox News reports incumbent Trump’s victory in Florida. © Reuters

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A few hours later it is clear: Trump wins Florida with 51.2 percent. This brings him 3.4 percent more than Biden – the lead is greater than in 2016, when Trump was 1.3 percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton. The republican strongholds in north and southwest Florida have by no means wavered. In the retiree resorts there, where Florida’s white, well-off seniors call home, the coronavirus has obviously not led to a departure from Trump.

Florida should bring the landslide victory. It was supposed to deliver a clear result early in the evening that would save the Democrats and the country a long, exhausting and further polarizing dispute over the outcome of the election. Presidential candidate Joe Biden had promised incumbent Donald Trump a “game over” in the event that Trump lost in his adopted country.

No “game over” scenario

But Florida didn’t deliver what the Democrats had hoped for from this ever-tight, ever-unpredictable swing state. Trump is still in the game. And Biden missed the shortcut to the White House over Florida with 29 votes on the electoral body. All that remains for him now is the more arduous, tedious route across the Midwest.

The Democrats had invested a lot of time and even more money in Florida. Former US President Barack Obama has been to Miami twice, primarily to mobilize African Americans, most recently on Monday. “I’m here because I know that some of you haven’t voted yet,” he said.

But apparently the Democrats have not succeeded in convincing indispensable groups of voters of themselves and of voting. In addition to the blacks, this includes the many voters with roots in Central and South America.

For example, the numbers from the Miami metropolitan area – the stronghold of the US Democrats in the Sunshine State – point to a move away from the Democrats by Latinos and Latinas. Trump received significantly more votes here than four years ago. Most of the Latinos and Latinas in the Miami-Dade district are of Cuban origin – their traditional ties to Republicans have strengthened under Trump.

Cubans celebrate Trump

To visit Trump a few days before the election, thousands of them flocked to an airfield at midnight, cheered him on with the nickname “Doni” and cheered especially loudly when Trump promised protection from “socialism”, the Biden allegedly across the country wanted to bring.

So the gains made by the Democrats in Miami outweigh those of the Democrats in the cities of Tampa and Jacksonville.


Trump vs. Biden – election night in pictures

Donald Trump vs. Joe Bilden – Images and emotions from one of the hottest elections in US history. © RND

Late on Tuesday afternoon, shortly before the polling stations closed, lavishly flagged cars drove through the Cuban neighborhood of Westchester in Miami. Construction worker Peter Rubi had already planted a dozen Trump flags on the back of his pickup truck – and screwed on another. He was a registered democrat, “even a trade unionist,” he emphasized. “But I voted for Trump because he’s bringing our jobs back,” said Rubi.

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