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‘Follow through’ obscures umpire’s view; Ashwin argues with Nitin Menon

Kanpur: Indian bowler R Ashwin clashed with umpire Nitin Menon during the first Test against New Zealand. The controversy was related to Ashwin’s bowling. According to reports, the problem was that the umpire could not see the batsman facing the ball as Ashwin came forward after the bowling (follow through after the run out).

The umpire told Ashwin several times not to forget the view. But Ashwin was not ready to change the follow-through. Then Ashwin started getting angry with the umpire. With this, Captain Ajinkya Rahane intervened in the matter. During this time, India coach Rahul Dravid was seen talking to match referee Jawaharlal Srinath.

Ashwin’s follow-through is not in the Danger area of ​​the pitch. Ashwin was of the view that he was bowling according to the law. Despite the controversy, Ashwin continued his bowling style. However, some reports said that the umpire’s vision was not a problem and that the umpire’s intervention was due to obstruction to the bat at the non-striker’s end.

Content Highlights: R Ashwin argues with umpire Nitin Menon after running across him during followthrough


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