followed her husband from Buenos Aires to Misiones and discovered that he was cheating on her with his niece

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A woman who distrusted her husband’s “stories” decided to follow him from Buenos Aires to Misiones and, after locating it in the Hotel Puerto Iguazú, found out he had a mistress. As if that were not enough, said lover was nothing more than his niece.

The man, whose identity was kept private, He had told his family that he held work meetings in Tigre. However, her partner was not entirely sure that this was true. That is why he decided to draw his own conclusions.

During the day of Friday, November 19, the Unfaithful husband and his niece were staying at the luxurious hotel located on National Route 12, without waiting for what seconds later was going to happen. It was there that the wife came into action.

They looked for her for two days and when they found her she said “don’t bother me, I wanted to be with my lover”

Willing to spend a long weekend and enjoy the falls, the lovers stayed in one of the rooms. Meanwhile, the “businessman’s” partner was staying in an adjoining room, waiting for the perfect moment to catch them.

“I know you are with your lover, I wait for you downstairs, your wife and mother of your 4 children”was the message that the woman wrote on a sheet of paper that she pasted on the door of the room where her then husband was “having fun” with his lover.

When the employees of the Hotel Puerto Iguazú realized what was happening, they proceeded to intercede immediately. According to testimonies of those workers to On Line Missions, they were looking for the altercation not to pass to greater.

The poster that the wife left for her unfaithful partner on the door of the room (Courtesy: Iguazú News).

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The poster that the wife left for her unfaithful partner on the door of the room (Courtesy: Iguazú News).

In this regard, one of the local workers explained to the press: “We saw that the woman was crying and we asked what was wrong with her. She told us that she was waiting for her husband who was upstairs with his lover, We ask that you please do not make scenes. “

“She told us that she was a woman with culture and did not do those things,” she added then. Faced with all this and the possibility that the event would worsen, from the hotel they asked those involved to withdraw to speak to a secluded place .

After confirming the fact, the infidel’s wife left the place. “There were just a few screams, and then the woman handed over the key to the room she had asked for. He left and tipped the waiters “, revealed workers.

Finally, and despite the fact that the pair of lovers had already paid for their room until Monday, November 22, they decided to leave an hour after the discussion took place and during the entire journey they did not speak.


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