Following Anthem’s failure, the new Dragon Age will be a single-player game

Evil tongues at Bioware spoke of an Anthem with dragons.

Photo Credit: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has reportedly decided to cancel multiplayer in the next Dragon Age so that it becomes a single player game again according to Bloomberg. According to a person at Electronic Arts who asked not to be named, it was reportedly decided in recent months to make it a single-player game only after EA was cooled by the recent failure of a multiplayer game.

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It seems that Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, changed his mind after seeing the success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and the failure of Anthem. On the other hand, members at the head of the development team of the next Dragon Age would have insisted. To make it a single player game.

This is surely good news for Dragon Age, especially since he had been internally skilled at Anthem’s Bioware, but with dragons.

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