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15/09/2020 07:46:08 Healthy eating is in fashion, and today cooking has become a trend, but eating a healthy diet every day requires thinking about the menu, going to buy the ingredients and then preparing the dishes. The result is that to save time we tend to buy everything at the nearest supermarket and we always end up eating more or less the same. In this context, foodStories was born, a Spanish startup that offers the user different menus and brings home the ingredient pack, in the right quantities to prepare each recipe and avoid food waste, and in recirculable and totally sustainable glass containers.

“We offer an innovative alternative of healthy eating that is committed to a new way of cooking, adapted to the rhythm of today’s society, which allows us not to give up homemade food and fresh products and at the same time be respectful with the environment. Consumers find simple and attractive healthy recipe ideas in our ecommerce, choose the number of servings they want and we save them going to buy the ingredients, always delivering top-quality products to their homes in reusable packaging ”, he explains Emilio Viguera, general director of foodStories.

In this way, foodtech brings to Spain this business model, very widespread in the United States, based on the concept of ‘meal kits’, and evolves it to become the first ecommerce of healthy and sustainable food with a positive impact on the society.

The recipes are prepared by nutritionists from fresh seasonal products purchased from local suppliers, close to the farmer. In this way, intermediaries are avoided, which helps food to retain its maximum properties; the carbon footprint associated with food transportation is avoided; and when buying from local producers, local commerce and local consumption are supported, favoring local economies.

Likewise, foodStories maintains a ‘zero waste’ strategy: on the one hand, it avoids food waste, by using the exact doses for the preparation of each recipe, which favors responsible consumption; and on the other, it totally renounces all types of single-use plastics, thereby helping to reduce the generation of waste that is harmful to the environment. Currently, it is the only company in the world that serves food at home in recirculable glass containers, which the user returns to be sterilized and reused in future orders.

“Our packaging policy is ‘100% plastic free’. Most of our ingredients go in glass containers, and the rest are recycled kraft paper bags, recycled cardboard egg cups and recycled cardboard boxes. When the user places an order, they must pay an additional cost as a deposit for the containers, which they recover when they are returned to the dealer in subsequent deliveries ”, explains Viguera.

The company, created in August 2019, began operating in the testing phase last March in Madrid, and already has more than 250 customers and has served more than 2,300 servings, which has meant the recirculation of more than 2,000 glass containers. Its objective is to reach 28,000 recirculated containers by the end of the year, which would mean saving around 100 kilos of single-use plastic from the environment.

‘Lean manufacturing’ philosophy and proprietary technology

foodStories defines itself as a minimalist company, due to its firm conviction of using only the strictly necessary resources. For this reason, all its processes are based on the ‘Lean manufacturing’ concept, a management model that tries to optimize the production system, using the minimum amount of resources and avoiding the stock of products.

Likewise, the technology developed by the company makes it possible to calculate the costs of each product ration, generate automatic shopping lists each night with the products needed for the next day’s rations, issue automatic orders to suppliers and carry out all the management of recirculated containers.

“We do not accumulate products in cold rooms, we want to offer food to our customers directly from their place of production. For this reason, every morning we take the shopping list and buy in Mercamadrid the fresh products that will be included in the meal kits that day, we transport them to our warehouse and, after quality control, we prepare and package them for shipment ”, Explains the CEO of foodStories. With regard to home delivery, the company is committed to non-polluting electric vehicles.

At the moment foodStories only provides its service in the city of Madrid (inner area of ​​the M-30, with some exceptions), but its forecast is to expand the service to new cities during the next two years, starting with Barcelona and Paris, and more. long-term continue to other large cities in Europe, such as Lisbon or Milan.

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