Football in Brazil helps coronavirus victims

Many Brazilian clubs want to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Several of them have made their infrastructure available to the health authorities, in order to expand the capacity to receive future patients.

Brazil is still far from the peak of the disease, which is announced in late April. Luiz Henrique Mandetta, the country’s Minister of Health, estimated Friday that the number of people affected by the coronavirus would increase until July in the territory. The country’s health system could quickly become saturated. The Brazilian states most affected by Covid-19, namely Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are already looking for new places, in order to create new reception centers for the coming period.

For this, the hospital staff will benefit from rather unusual help. While the Brazilian football championship has been suspended until further notice since March 15, many clubs are active to prepare for the rise of the epidemic in the country. In addition to the many prevention messages and good actions to adopt, 12 of the 20 teams that make up the first division have already loaned their facilities, or promised to do so.

Better prevent AND cure

This is the case for the Santos FC team, which has announced that it will participate to a vaccination campaign which does not directly concern the new pandemic, but which will serve to relieve the hospitals in the city. The club that exposed Neymar also promised that a temporary hospital would be created within its premises in Vila Belmiro.

In Sao Paulo too, with the Corinthians team, whose izquerao stadium will serve as a blood collection center. The training camp and the head office are at the disposal of the state so that “the authorities assess how they can be used”, according to their official website. Another stadium in the city, that of Pacaembu, will accommodate up to 200 patients

One of the most popular clubs in the country, Flamengo has also made available its stadium, the legendary Maracana. In a statement, the president of the club based in Rio de Janeiro asked the “red-black nation” to take care of “our elderly”, stressing that “everything else can wait”. Another city club, Botafogo, also leaves its Nilton Santos Olympic stadium to health officials. “The Club, aware of its social responsibility, is showing solidarity in this difficult moment”, can be read on the official website.

Brazil, which counts 210 million inhabitants, counts with the last announcements 1,128 confirmed cases, for 18 deaths. But for them, the hardest part is yet to come …


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