For July the IKEA store in Santa Rosa Mall in Bayamón

Ikea already has a date for its first standard store in Puerto Rico. The store-type establishment and a logistics center will open in July this year at the Santa Rosa shopping center in Bayamón.

In 2013, the Swedish chain arrived on the island through the delivery point model. They currently have these delivery points in Bayamón, Carolina and Ponce, but as of this summer they will have a standard store like those they have in other jurisdictions around the world.

“The response from consumers has led to the construction of a standard store where the complete experience of the Swedish brand will be displayed, which is identified with unique, functional, well-designed products, at prices so low that most people can allow. A store that involves an investment of more than $ 50 million that will be located in the Santa Rosa Mall in Bayamón with more than 2,300 parking spaces. The facilities offer a 42,750 square foot showroom adapted to the Puerto Rican lifestyle, 32,500 square feet of home accessories, a 23,600 square foot warehouse, a 380-seat Swedish restaurant, a store with the offer of Swedish food products for take home and a complete package of planning and other services, such as the Smalland children’s playroom, ”reads the chain’s statement.

It was reported that the new store and logistics center will create more than 550 jobs. “Training and career development is an option available to employees in this brand that has already opened vacancies and that will appear on”, detailed in a press release.

“In this new world where life at home has acquired greater meaning for Puerto Ricans, consumers are demanding ideas and products that solve their needs at home, multi-purpose spaces, high interest in sustainability and digitization. The resources of the investment are intended to create the facilities, services and logistical capacity to introduce direct sales of all IKEA products. This is the result of IKEA’s commitment to a value market with growth and expansion potential that pursues the objective of being more accessible and affordable to respond to the needs of Puerto Rican households, ”the statement concludes.

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