For the second time .. Tamer Hosni surprises two newlyweds by impersonating this character

For the second time, the Egyptian artist surprisedTamer Hosny​ Two newlyweds at their wedding, but this time he participated in the ceremony as a photojournalist.
In the details, Tamer hid his features by wearing a mask and glasses to depict the newlyweds on the stage, and when they were removed, the newlyweds were astonished, and Tamer congratulated them.
In his surprise for the first time, Hosni published a video clip, in which he appeared entering the wedding in agreement with the mother of the groom, which led to their being affected and crying, and Tamer said: “Nadine and David Farah, I sang about it today in America, it was true that it was one of the most beautiful weddings because the beautiful that the mother of the groom was in agreement With me, I made a surprise for them without knowing, and I understood them that I am not immature and not empty.”
He added, “They were originally covering my song for their first dance, and they couldn’t imagine that I was there until I entered, surprising them, and as you saw their joy as beautiful as it was, and really very expensive to me.”


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