For usurpation they will sue the Miss Universe Colombia pageant

The National Beauty Contest (CNB), through a press conference held this Wednesday, October 27, expressed its disagreement with the Miss Universe Colombia pageant, which is the official competition in charge of electing the country’s representative in the pageant international Miss Universe.

Raimundo Angulo, president of the CNB, expressed his decision to sue Natalie Ackermann, representative of Miss Universe Colombia, accusing her of Usurpation of industrial property rights.

Likewise, one of the members of the organization mentioned that “it is not possible to understand that a person using money wants to exclude the CNB in ​​a reign as important as international reigns” and then added that “Law 31 of 1985 is the one that guarantees that only the CNB can take this representation to international competitions and is currently being violated ”.

Consequently, in addition to a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office that seeks to clarify the crime reported, the CNB filed a complaint with the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

The CNB lawyer pointed out that no dialogues have been held with Miss Universe Colombia because, given the magnitude of the problem, they plan to dialogue directly with the Chamber of Commerce and added that “the representation of Colombia cannot be carried out by just anyone.” He also mentioned that although the CNB never had the franchise, those who did, respected the law that they were the ones who chose the national representative.

This is the second consecutive year in which the Miss Universe Colombia pageant was held, after they acquired the franchise for the country in 2020. That year they chose Laura Olascuaga, from Bolívar, to represent the country in Miss Universe, but it was not enough an important figuration.

In 2020 the CNB could not be held due to the pandemic, this is the first in which both contests have been faced. If the lawsuit becomes effective, Ackermann would face a possible sentence of up to four years in prison and a millionaire compensation to the CNB.


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