News Foreign had to authorize the Delcy Rodriguez plane to...

Foreign had to authorize the Delcy Rodriguez plane to enter Spain


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, defends that her Ministry knew with only four hours of margin that the Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, was going to land at the Barajas airport aboard the aircraft of the Bolivarian Tourism Minister, Felix Plasencia The minister assures that, had she known before, she would have banned the trip. However, the reality is that his cabinet had to authorize the plane that transported Delcy Rodríguez to access the Spanish airspace and, therefore, enter the community area, where access is prohibited, in breach of the sanctions imposed by the European Union .

This version, far from clarifying the case, entangles it even more. González Laya contributed yesterday, in an interview with Cadena Ser, new information about the appointment between Rodríguez and the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, in Barajas. The minister, who on Thursday presumed in the parliamentary commission of Foreign Affairs to practice a discreet and remote policy of “megaphones”, took advantage of the speaker of the waves to admit that he was at all times aware of the case, but that he knew late that in that the famous Venezuelan vice president was traveling.

Knowledgeable sources of the diplomatic mechanisms consulted by ABC explain that the minister’s arguments are unlikely, except in one case: that Venezuela cheated the Government and, in order for Foreign Affairs to validate the trip, omitted that the Bolivarian Vice President was part of the Passage of the Felix Plasencia aircraft. Only in this way could events be triggered. However, far from responding according to the sanctions and despite the deception, Rodriguez was not arrested at the airport and even dispatched with Minister Ábalos.

Closed protocol
Authorizations for displacements of high-ranking states, excluding NATO member countries, are governed by a very closed protocol. Also when the authorities move in military, private or, in general, non-commercial airplanes. In the Venezuelan case, these aircraft, since they are not licensed to operate a specific line as with commercial aviation, must request permission to access the airspace of other countries. This permit is processed through diplomatic work.

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World News :

Thus, Venezuela should have submitted the request to fly over the Spanish airspace and then land on national soil to Exteriors and the Ministry of González Laya, after studying it, communicate it to Civil Aviation and / or Defense, before giving a definitive answer back to Venezuela. In fact, it is quite common that technical modifications to the initial plan are included at this stage of the procedure.

The document includes, as detailed the sources consulted, the registration and the type of aircraft that will enter Spanish territory, the estimated date and time of the flight and entry into the airspace, the flight plan and the list of passengers , which includes both crew data and ticket identification. Another especially relevant aspect that should be included in this document is the reason for the trip. If there is a problem in this document, which must be approved before takeoff, the trip cannot take place.

According to European sanctions, Foreign could not have authorized this permit if he had known that Rodriguez was flying there. This last extreme reaffirms the hypothesis of deception by the Venezuelan authorities. ABC has asked the Ministry, without getting an answer, more details about this last notice with which Exteriors learned that Delcy Rodríguez was also on the same plane in which the Venezuelan Tourism Minister was traveling. .


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