Forgot Apple ID Password How To Reset Password 2022 Update

For anyone who forgot the Apple ID password, can’t sign in to iCloud, or if we lost the iPhone, need to log in to find it. but can’t remember the password The team has a method for resetting the password that will help us get back to using the Apple ID account. Let’s introduce each other to each other.

Forgot Apple ID Password How To Reset Password 2022 Update

If you forgot your Apple ID password and can’t sign in, Apple recommends three different ways to reset your Apple ID password, both if you have your device and don’t have it.

  • Reset Apple ID password using own iPhone, iPad.
  • Reset Apple ID password using someone else’s device.
  • Reset your password on the website.

1. Reset your Apple ID password using your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

If we log into Apple ID on our own iPhone, iPad, but want to log in to use elsewhere. Can’t remember password You can reset your Apple ID password on your own device.

Go to Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security.

Tap Change Password > Enter New Password. and confirm the new password again, then tap Change.

Additionally, if you have a Mac, you can reset your password as well, on a Mac updated to macOS Catalina or later.

Go to System Preference > Apple ID.

On the left, select Password & Security > Choose Change Password, then enter your Mac’s password.

enter machine password Then enter the new Apple ID password that you want.

In some cases we may need to reset the password. using a trusted phone number and email or if using a recovery code to secure your account We can reset the password on iPhone, iPad right away, or if we have set up recovery contacts. An account recovery contact can help us reset your password.

2. Reset Apple ID password using someone else’s device.

In the event that our iPhone, iPad is lost or unable to use to recover Apple ID password, we can use the device of a friend, family member or request to use the device in the Apple Store to reset the Apple ID password by resetting it through the app. Apple Support

Borrow someone else’s iPhone, iPad and install the Apple Support app. [แตะดาวน์โหลดที่นี่] be done

On the Home page, tap Password & Security > Reset Apple ID Password > Get Started.

If we’re borrowing someone else’s device, tap Other Apple ID > Enter our Forgotten Apple ID and tap Next, then continue with the onscreen instructions. until it is confirmed that the Apple ID password has been changed.

Reset Apple ID password using Find My iPhone app (for iOS 9 – iOS 12 devices).

For those who have already borrowed the device But the device can’t download the Apple Support app because iOS doesn’t support it. You can use the Find My iPhone app to find it (not the new Find My app).

Go to the login page in the Find My iPhone app (if you have an account logged in. Then tap Forgot Apple ID or Password and continue with the onscreen instructions. until it is confirmed that the Apple ID password has been changed.

3. Reset the password on the website.

If we don’t have our own device and can’t borrow someone else’s device You can reset your password on Apple’s website, but you’ll need a web browser-capable device or computer.

go to website > Enter your Apple ID email address and tap Continue.

Enter our phone number used for your forgotten Apple ID password, then tap Continue.

A notification will be sent to other Apple devices that use the same Apple ID if we receive a notification allowing us to change the Apple ID password on another device.Tap Allow and follow the instructions for resetting your password. But if we don’t have a device that uses the same Apple ID and doesn’t receive any notifications, click Select. Can’t access any of your Apple ID devices?

Here, you’ll find three Apple-recommended Apple ID password reset options. Here are some easy ways to reset your Apple ID password:

  • If we buy a new device or have to set up a new device We were able to reset the password during the setup of the new device.
  • Use someone else’s or a friend’s device. Reset your password with the Apple Support app or Find my iPhone app mentioned in Section 2.
  • Visit an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider such as Studio 7, iCare to have them assist in resetting your password with other iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices.

But if we do not have a device that can follow these three instructions, click to select. Can’t use these options? Below

If we select the No password resettable device option, Apple will prompt us to wait to verify that our account and data is secure and to actually request a password reset from us, where Apple may ask additional questions. Let us tap Confirm to continue. and then follow the next steps

But it is recommended that having other devices, whether it’s a friend’s device, family member or using it from an Apple Store, Studio 7, or iCare, will be the easiest way to reset your password. and no need to wait for verification For those who forgot the password, you can try to follow.

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