Formula 1 | Aston Martin F1 wing got FIA approval

Aston Martin F1 has played down the impact of its new rear wing introduced yesterday in Hungary, saying it has no “nothing special”.

The Silverstone-based team unveiled a new rear wing design, which caught the eye of many due to the curved tips added to the edges of the fins (pictured below), allowing the rules and design to be circumvented quite similar to the fins of all the single-seaters on the grid.

There are fears the concept could go against what the FIA ​​was looking to achieve by introducing the 2022 F1s, which allows cars to run closer together on a circuit.

Aston Martin F1 team principal Mike Krack was asked about the design this morning and assures the FIA ​​was aware.

“When you develop a wing or develop an idea, you normally don’t wait until the last moment before showing it to the FIA. We were in contact with the FIA ​​throughout the development, the stages, to understand if it was something that would be accepted.”

“It was finally good for us and it was the moment where we were like ‘OK, we’ll go for it’. I think it’s nothing special, it’s an interpretation of the rules. We developed the wing based on that in conjunction with the FIA.”

That the fin is legal is one thing. But if it goes against the spirit of the rules, a super majority can still ban it for 2023.

“That’s not a concern at the moment,” assert crack.

He can already count on Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, who has hinted that his team is happy with the concept if the FIA ​​has ruled the design legal.

“I guess if it’s in line with the regulations, that’s the main thing. It opens up another interesting route. Maybe for once we’ll copy something from an Aston Martin rather than the other way around!” Horner joked.

McLaren F1 director Andreas Seidl added that “next week we’ll probably look at that design and then decide if that’s a road we want to go down as well”.

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