Fourth Power journalists announce their return with new program

Epicenter, the new journalistic program announced through Twitter, will feature the work of prominent former journalists from Cuarto Poder, such as Clara Elvira Ospina, René Gastelumendic, Anuska Buenaluque, among others, who were separated from the Sunday during the last electoral campaign.

This standalone proposal promises to provide information that will feature research, interviews, analysis, and more.

“We return to move the ground to many”, it reads in the publication on the social network of the aforementioned journalistic space.

In addition, the teaser of what this program will be was also shared. “Investigation, interviews, the secrets of power, reports, analysis, independence. Soon with you ”, mention the journalists in the video.

As it is recalled, through a statement, the former journalists of América TV explained that their resignation was due to a disagreement with the new news line and with “events that collided with the governing principles of the institution.”

“The reasons for our disagreement with the new information line were made known to the board of directors in two letters in which we detailed the events that collided with the governing principles of the institution, the right to information and journalistic ethics, which we defended until the last day. This decision, to step aside, was accepted by the company in agreement with us “, reads the document published by Daniel Yovera.

“In practice, they have been fired as a result of the letter they sent to the board of América Televisión, in which they also warned about events that were contrary to journalistic plurality in the last stage of the electoral campaign,” they add.

What journalists came out of Cuarto Poder?

Weeks ago a document was published in which the resignation of the majority of journalists who made up the Fourth Power news team was reported, due to disagreements with the management of the journalistic direction.

Among the communicators who spoke out against the measures taken by Gilberto Hume during the 2021 elections were: Anuska Buenaluque, René Gastelumendi, Daniel Yovera, Carlos Hidalgo, Luis Miranda, Cecilia Zuloeta, Matilde Soto, José Hidalgo Rodríguez, David Gómez and Carlos Mauriola.

Fourth Power journalists who sign the letter sent to the América TV board of directors. Photo: Twitter capture

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