France: 300 Moroccan seasonal workers transported in December to the south-east

After Corsica, around 300 Moroccan seasonal workers will be transported in December to the south-east of France

Around 300 Moroccan seasonal workers will be transported in December to the south-east of France, at the request of farmers who are short of manpower due to the closure of Europe’s external borders, he said. we learned from the authorities on Wednesday.

The exact date has not yet been set, but a dedicated flight “on behalf of operators of the departments of Bouches-du-Rhône and Vaucluse” is preparing, explained to AFP Didier Leschi, director of the French Office of immigration and integration (OFII), which oversees the operation.

The flight will take place “during the month of December” and “will involve around 300 seasonal workers,” he said.

“These are seasonal workers for market gardening and horticulture: salads, fruits and green vegetables in particular. It is not only a question of collection, but also of pruning, preparation of the fields for the culture, etc… ”, detailed Didier Leschi, specifying that the cost of transport would be supported by the employers.

As in October, when the OFII organized an airlift to allow the arrival of more than 900 Moroccan seasonal workers for the clementine harvests in Corsica, or later the arrival of 36 seasonal workers to Lot-et-Garonne, a strict health protocol will be put in place.

Moroccan workers must therefore be tested for Covid-19 on departure and arrival, then seven days after their arrival.

The coronavirus pandemic and the closure of the external borders of the European Union have put a brake on the arrival of seasonal workers, in particular those from the Maghreb who represent an essential part of seasonal workers in France.


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