France-Bulgaria (3-0): the ratings of French players

Against Bulgaria, Pogba lit up the game for the Blues, while Griezmann once again scored a superb goal. And Giroud remembered the good memories of his despisers.

Lloris: 5. It’s very simple, the tricolor goalkeeper had nothing to do, except to command his defense.

Surname: 6. Better compared to his first period in Nice against Wales. Not bothered in his hallway, he did not hesitate to bring the excess. He sometimes narrowly missed in his centers, until this gem for Giroud.

Early: 6. The central defender sometimes had difficulty channeling his aggressiveness and made avoidable faults, especially in the first half. Nothing very prejudicial especially since he was more fair in his interventions after the break.

Horn: 7. In his characteristic style which favors commitment, the Parisian has won his duels. A good intervention with the tip of the foot in the first period on a good cross from the Bulgarians. And good reminders.

Hernandez : 5. Less prominent than Pavard. Like his alter ego, he did not really have to suffer the wrath of opposing attackers. This is why we expected perhaps a little more on the offensive side. Replaced by Digne (46th, note: 6) at the break, more offensive even if his crosses were not always precise.

Pogba: 7. He often played quite high, turning into an organizer of the French game. In this role, he had brilliant inspirations such as this little balloon stung for Benzema or its full-axis perforation from the start. Sometimes a little too easy, but we will forgive him.

Kanté : 6. Positioned as a sentry, he stepped up after the break in the pressing and the harassment of Bulgarian circles. The European champion also projected forward, even attempting a strike late in the first period. Replaced by Lemar (65th).

Tolisso: 6. Lots of activity for the Munich player who played fairly fair and cut the rare offensive tendencies well. In this position of left torchbearer, he offers an interesting alternative to Adrien Rabiot. Replaced by Sissoko (86th).

Griezmann : 7. Even if his winning volley is deflected, his goal is once again magnificent. The Barcelona started on the right but ended up sweeping the entire front of the attack, finding solutions in small spaces. Too bad his association with Mbappé and Benzema ended so early. Replaced by Dembélé (65th).

Mbappé: 6. He lacked the effectiveness, but the Parisian was the dynamite of the Bulgarian defense by his calls in the depth and his percussion ball to the foot. But he was not content with this role, and also offered a very good ball to the unconverted Griezmann. If he constantly looked for Benzema until his exit, he found Giroud less and found himself in a more eccentric role after the entry into play of the Blues striker. Replaced by Ben Yedder (84th).

Benzema: (not rated). Until his exit at the end of the first period, he had accelerated the game of the Blues thanks to his game in deviation. He brilliantly serves Mbappé for a lost face-to-face with the Bulgarian goalkeeper. Hit in the thigh in a shock with defender Turitsov, the Madrilenian had to give way to Giroud (41st, note: 7), author of a powerful strike from a tight angle and a double which shows that he will have a role to play at the Euro.

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