France-Sweden: one last match for the road

By choosing to win the game that changes everything in Portugal and lose the one that was useless against Finland, the world champions have not only demonstrated an intact sense of priorities, but also removed its appeal to France. -Sweden.

With the idea, this time, not to repeat the same error twice in less than a week. “There will be no decompression, the defeat against Finland reminded us to order, assures captain Hugo Lloris, sent to a press conference for the double signal that France-Sweden counts and that it will be. the captain. It was important to savor our good victory in Portugal (1-0) but the idea is to end the calendar year on a good note. “

Nothing is agreed but echoed, Didier Deschamps sets him in motion: “Obviously he does not have the importance of Saturday’s match but it’s an international match, the last of the year. The last impression will be that of the last match even if we will do a general analysis. “

Return of Kylian Mbappé

Proof that this small world is serious, Kylian Mbappé will go back there and rise to the rank of evening attractions, with the return in the vicinity of Marcus Thuram, the only one to save from the sad Finnish exit. The next time we see the Blues again, it will be in March when the positions will be frozen. Then all you have to do is cross your fingers so that no one gets hurt and there may be a place to afford depending on a playing time that would have melted or still not increased by then and Olivier Giroud is the main concerned.

The top scorer in activity for the Blues is for the moment the big loser of this streak and a month ago, when celebrating his hundredth selection, we would not have bet on such a stunning fate in such a short time. “I’m not doing anything at random,” said the coach on Monday, who is above all always one step ahead of the others. It is up to the striker to choose his project for the future, stay to wax the Chelsea bench or play. This Tuesday evening, he too will leave us with a last image that will count.

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