Franco Parisi announced a consultation in the People’s Party to define support in the second round

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The former presidential standard-bearer of the People’s Party (PDG), Franco Parisi, affirmed that his community will carry out a query to decide if he will support the candidacy of Gabriel Boric (I Approve Dignity) or José Antonio Kast (Christian Social Front) in the second round on December 19.

In a live broadcast, Parisi advanced “regarding what is going to happen, digital democracy. We are going to make the corresponding query, hopefully inviting both candidates to tell us about their mission. It is not a debate or an exam, but that they tell the People’s Party community what they are thinking, and thus we collectively make a decision ”.

“The People’s Party will decide democratically who is the next President of Chile ”, remarked.

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It should be noted that Parisi was the main surprise of the presidential elections of November 21, where it obtained the third majority with 12.80% of the endorsements and even came out first in the Antofagasta Region. All without setting foot in Chile throughout the campaign.

In this way, the support of the PDG it could be key to the aspirations of Kast and Boric, who obtained 27.91% and 25.83% of the vote respectively.

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