François-Régis Gaudry questions the star awarded to Mory Sacko, the former Top Chef candidate (VIDEO)

Last January, Mory Sacko received a star just a few months after opening his first restaurant. A distinction that is not to everyone’s taste. François-Régis Gaudry, journalist and food critic who speaks in Top chef, tackled the young cook in the Nagui program on France Inter.

On January 18, despite the health crisis which has forced many restaurants to close their doors for much of the year, the famous Red Guide delivered its verdict. Among the new stars, the guide distinguished three candidates of Top chef, dont Mory sacko who had made a strong impression in the culinary competition last year. In 2020, the young cook indeed opened Mosuké, his own address (a restaurant that we had the chance to test). And it was only a few months after embarking on this adventure that he won his first star. These are not the only distinctions which came to crown this start with fanfare. A few weeks ago, the cook who now has his own show, was also noticed by La List, an international gastronomic ranking as one of the “five most promising chefs in the world“. A success that impressed Omar Sy, who promised to come and taste his cuisine. But it is not, however, completely unanimous.

A premature star for the journalist who co-hosts the second part of Top chef

Nagui and its soundtrack received, this Friday, February 5, on France Inter, Jean-Francois Trap to talk about his new work, Le grand livre de la cuisine française. The chef has just lost one star for his Parisian brasserie, La poule au pot. An injustice for the food critic François-Régis Gaudry, host of Very very good ! on Paris Première and co-host of the second part of the evening Top chef. He tackled severely the Michelin guide and expressed serious reservations about the distinction of Mory sacko. Comparing the venerable work to “an old lady who walks with her walker and tries to run after the time”, he was sorry that he was “precipitate“to give a star to the young chef.

“I have nothing against Mory Sacko. He is an intelligent boy, very well wired in addition mentally with a real personal culture.“, he said in the preamble. Before being sharp: “I tested his restaurant at the same time as the Michelin Guide. In no case would I have given Mory Sacko a star. I ate one of the worst dishes of the fall. I also ate very interesting things“. And if, according to him, the candidate of Top Chef “will certainly one day be worth its Michelin star”, It is not him “to render service” from “give it a star like the Michelin did with this rush“. “When at the same time we take one away from Jean-François Trap”, he added. The young chef will appreciate.

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