Freddy Rincón, dead, manifested himself to Hamilton Ricard on a television

The confession was made by Hámilton Ricard himself in ‘Final File’, a television program Snail Television in which they made a reconstruction of the life and last days of Freddy Rincón.

Several friends of the ‘Colossus of Buenaventura’ spoke there, Well, many of the former soccer players with whom he shared in Colombia have great memories of him and wanted to contribute with the good times they had together.

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Faustino Asprilla, Ricard, Miguel the ‘Niche’ Guerrero and the children of the former soccer player, who at the time were very sadThey told how those were Freddy’s last days, when medical diagnoses were increasingly grim.

Confirmation of Rincón’s death was on April 13two days after the traffic accident on a street in Cali, and Ricard told how his friends manifested themselves to him and to other people.

“The day Fredy dies there is no music or anything, we are there talking, calm. From one moment to the next, the psalm turned on on the television and we were in shock. On the television, Fredy had just manifested to me, ”said the former Colombian soccer player, who did not want to party with the day of the accident.

About that moment there are no more testimoniesbut many people do believe that Freddy helped them after he died because with some numbers of his grave and related to his death were made lotteries and games of chance that left several winners throughout the country.

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In the Caracol Televisión program they took up several details about the death of one of the best soccer players in the history of Colombia and who left their mark on international soccer.

Faustino Asprilla recounted that the day Freddy Rincón diedhe cried a lot and felt that he had lost one of the best friends that football left him, and with whom he also shared various moments off the field.

Sebastián Rincón, Freddy’s soccer player son, assured that his father was not drunk when he was driving, demystifying what many have said. Of course, it is proven that that day He was sharing with several friends in different parts and had gone out to party.

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In fact, Harold Saa, one of the friends that Fredy was with the day of his accident, He said that in the afternoon the “Colossus” was repeatedly listening to the same song.

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