French among the victims of an armed attack?

It is a popular area for the rare tourists who come to Niger. On the Kouré plateau, near the Sahel, 60 kilometers east of the capital Niamey, eight people were killed by armed men and on motorcycles. The French authorities are trying to comply with the allegations of the local governor who says that six French people are among the victims. The group had gone to observe protected giraffes. The place is a priori safe, the area is however classified orange and not recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At this stage, France does not confirm the information that there are French victims. “Checks are still in progress, according to Anne Bourse directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We do not know the identity of the victims. They were traveling in an area classified orange, so it is not recommended to travel there. This area is strategic. for the jihadists, because at the crossroads of several countries. “

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