French Days: Amazon creates the buzz with 10 CRAZY offers this Saturday ????

The French Days on Amazon, Cdiscount and others have been in full swing since yesterday morning. At all participating online merchants, you can save a lot of money. Here are the best deals for this weekend.

The French Days on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and even Darty have started with a bang. Since 7 am Friday, we find high-level offers at the merchants who participate in this operation. However, the offers will not hold until the end of the event and some will be out of stock even before the end of the operation.

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During this episode of French Days, Amazon and others reveal discounts by the thousands. Our selection is intended to help you save time and see more clearly. You can save it to your favorites because it is updated live. Also note that we have focused our list on tech, but all product categories are subject to discounts.

Amazon, the great king of these French Days

During this edition of the French Days, Amazon is immediately among the leaders of the operation. Since the launch of the latter, he has posted bursts of offers on his e-commerce site and the others are struggling to do as well. A regular at these big events, he relies on his strike force and his popularity to attract people. The result is there, he advances generous and prestigious discounts.

The interest of French Days at Amazon is the strong presence of the merchant. If he is already excellent on reductions the rest of the year, he gives everything during this operation. The field of tech is in the spotlight, the e-commerce site has never accustomed us to less well. As a result, he does not hesitate to target the biggest brands in the tech sector: Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Bose… The references of many brands take it for their rank and that is a good thing. If you want a new smartphone, computer or robot vacuum cleaner, you will find what you are looking for on the platform.

However, the French Days on Amazon don’t just focus on high-tech. This is logically the case with our selection of the best deals, but you can definitely find discounts on fashion, culture, toys or sport. Each category displays offers, you just have to walk between the different themes of the merchant to realize it. This is what we encourage you to do, but you can also use the search tool or click on the insert dedicated to the operation to discover the offers.

For the French Days on Amazon, we saw an excellent offer on the Roomba 981, the latest high-end vacuum cleaner from the iRobot brand. We also discovered a nice discount on AirPods Pro and 2 models, wireless headphones from the famous American brand. Moreover, Apple generally has the right to a real honor during this operation, whether on its iPhone 13 or its latest MacBook Air M1 and Pro M1.

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Amazon is not the only actor of the French Days

For these French Days, Amazon is doing very well. However, he is not the only one to put forward some exceptional offers during this long weekend. Cdiscount has also decided to take this operation head on, it is participating by posting elite reductions on beautiful references.

Since the beginnings of the French Days on Amazon and Cdiscount, we have seen a lot of Apple products, but not only. The French online merchant is gaining traction with attractive discounts like this offer on Bose QC 35 II headphones and the recent 700 Headphones. The Dyson V8 Animal vacuum is also losing a fair chunk of its standard price today. As with its competitor, you have the opportunity to make significant savings.

If the French Days take place on Amazon and Cdiscount, we can also count on the strong presence of the foreign merchant AliExpress. He does not officially participate in the operation and his offers do not necessarily come with the mention, but that does not prevent you from finding discounts. Far from it, because the platform is famous for its offers on Xiaomi smartphones or even Dreame vacuum cleaners (like the T3o).

During the French Days, Amazon and others generally unveil two types of offers. There are classic discounts and flash sales, both are great. The former stretch more over time and really lower the prices while the latter are aimed at big brand products and go out in a few hours, due to a stock limit.

A safety net on the web

During the French Days, Amazon and other merchants always offer you a second chance after ordering online. Regardless of the item, you have a deadline that allows you to make a free return and then be refunded on it. At Amazon, you have 30 days – compared to 14 days at Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger and most platforms. It is perfect to buy on the net, without trying the product but also without risk.

The French Days on Amazon and elsewhere are a very quick operation. Offers are unveiled in condensed form over a few days and then everything disappears. Stockouts can appear from the first hours of the highlights, there is a chance that the most popular items will disappear this Saturday.

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