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Original title: French Open: Sacari beats the defending champion in straight sets and enters the semi-finals of his first Grand Slam career

Sohu Sports News Beijing time on the evening of June 9th, the 2021 season tennis Grand Slam French Open continued. In the final quarter-finals of the women’s singles, the defending champion Sviatek encountered the 17th seed Sakari. In the game, Sakari’s performance was even stronger. In the first set, he broke the 22-set winning streak of Sviatek’s French Open. In the end, he won 6-4/6-4 in straight sets and Sakari made the first Grand Slam women’s singles fourth in his career. Strong, next will compete with Kreichkova for a seat in the finals.

Polish star Sviatek is the defending champion of the French Open. He made a blockbuster in Roland Garros last season and became the second post-00 player to win the Grand Slam championship. This season, the Polish teenager has continued to gain momentum, winning Roma and Ade. Ryder has two titles. Sviatek played as the No. 8 seed in the French Open this year, winning streak against Yuwan, Peterson, Kontavit and Kostiuk, maintaining his impressive performance of 11 consecutive wins since the last French Open without losing a set. The trend of becoming the queen of the new generation of clay. After Sviatek broke into the quarter-finals, his opponent was Greek fierce woman Sakari, who is a rare power player in women’s tennis. The best record in the Grand Slam is to reach the fourth round. Played as the 17th seed, winning streak with Zavatska, Paulini, and Mertens. In the last round, he defeated the last runner-up Konin 2-0 and entered the first eight women’s singles Grand Slam in his career. This game is The two met for the first time.

In the first game, Sviatek took the lead in the opening stage. After the first game, he secured a 40-15 consecutive break point after his opponent’s double error. Under pressure, Sakari tried to change the line and lost this. The game fell behind 0-2. In the third game, Sakari quickly launched a counterattack. In the third game, he also got a break point opportunity. After that, the bottom line was attacked and broke back. In the fourth game, the two men fell into repeated competition. Sakari saved four break points in a row. Difficult to achieve a 2-2 tie with guaranteed hair.

The fifth game continued, and Sakari also wasted three break points in this game. After completing the lovegame in one round, the deadlock in the game was broken in the ninth game. Sakari once again broke serve 5-4. Lead. Next was Sakari’s serve to win the game. After wasting one inventory, he sent a break point opportunity. Sakari then served consecutively to save the danger. In the second inventory, the two bottom lines started a multi-shot confrontation battle. Sakari A wonderful backhand straight scoring to complete the guarantee, 6-4 won the first set victory, Sviatek was broken from the 22-set winning streak of the French Open last year.

In the second set, Sakari continued his strength at the end of the first set. In the first game, he received a continuous high-quality serve to hit his opponent and scored a continuous 40-15 break point. Sviatek lost this under consecutive mistakes. In the game, Sakari continued to secure a 2-0 lead. After that, Sviatek requested a medical suspension to leave the field for treatment. After the game resumed, they completed their own serve. Sakari’s break advantage was 4-2 in hand. Sviatek has since improved his serve, but it was difficult to get a chance in Sakari’s serve, and the Greek star was guaranteed a 5-4 lead. Next came Sakari’s serve to win the game and successfully secured a 6-4 victory in the second set.

In the end, the 17th seed Sakari continued to perform strongly, defeating Sviatek in straight sets 6-4/6-4, ending the Polish teenager’s road to defending the title. The whole game took 1 hour and 35 minutes. In the game, Sakari completed 5 ACES balls and 2 double faults. Sviatek did not have ACES balls and 2 double faults. Sakari’s first serve success rate was 56% and the first serve scored rate. 83% are ahead of the opponent. Sakari led 26-17 on the winning points, and the unforced errors 24-25 were almost the same. In the break link, Sviateck completed 1 break with 6 break points, and Sakari cashed 3 times with 8 break points.Return to Sohu to see more


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