Friday at Vincennes (R-1). Joris Filograsso’s review

PHILS STORY (204) will be at the start of Draguignan price, Friday at Vincennes (R-1). Here are the impressions of his trainer Joris Filograsso (photo): “You shouldn’t judge her on her last outing at La Soie. She turns very badly on the right. She happens to be unforeseeable, and to make a mistake for no reason. She sometimes lacks seriousness. Me, she has no room to maneuver. She will try to take a small allowance. “

He also tells us about CHARRONS GEEK : “We are preparing him for a commitment next month at La Soie, under the saddle, on a 2,050 meters. He likes races which constantly” roll “at good speed. He does not have a clear acceleration but he can do two kilometers at a steady pace. “

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