From Cagliari to Sestu, black smoke “spit” from Saras chimneys immortalized by smartphones

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From the “hills” of Castello and Monte Urpinu to Cagliari, from the Sesto countryside and, also, from the port area of ​​the Sardinian capital, passing through the Bastion. The black smoke “spit” from the chimneys of the Saras intrigues and, at the same time, intimidates many Sardinians. It is not the first time that happens, it probably will not be the last: and, every time, the opinions are conflicting. There are ecological associations that speak of “environmental risks”, for example, such as the “Save the sea” which has his heart in that of Sarroch, not far from the gigantic refinery. In addition to other “green” associations. But there are also those who don’t care in the slightest, on the contrary. Usual divisions aside, the two photos of the collage of our piece show the much black smoke clearly visible from Cagliari and Sestu. An identical situation to yesterday.


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