From “Nabucco” to the throwing of dresses: the inexhaustible creativity of the demonstrators

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“Slave choir” from “Nabucco”, throws of black dresses, flashmob of women in work overalls: 42 days of strike did not get the better of the creativity of the demonstrators opposed to the pension reform, widely relayed on the networks social.

Many will remember the Marseillaise and the “Va, pensiero” sung by the Paris Opera Choir in Bastille on December 17 or the ballerinas in tutu gracefully performing a few steps from the “Lac des Cygnes” on the forecourt of the Palais Garnier on Christmas Eve.

Another symbolic act noticed and witness to the anger of many professionals: the throwing of work tools of all kinds, in the face of ministers and directors.

The lawyers of Caen started the movement on January 8 by throwing their dresses at the feet of the Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet.

This symbolic gesture was imitated by their colleagues from the Paris courthouse, who reissued the action, lining the pavement of the room with lost steps in their dresses.

The black dresses were imitated by the white blouses of the staff of the Saint-Louis hospital, who threw off their work clothes on Tuesday during the director’s wishes, in support of the thousand department heads who pledged to resign everywhere in France for lack of means.

Teachers also cracked down on emptying their binders and also throwing away textbooks, notebooks and reporters, especially in front of the permanence of LREM deputy from Hauts-de-Seine Bénédicte Petelle.

Under the gold of the Republic, the agents of the National Furniture, responsible for three centuries for the furnishing of the official palaces, deposited their tools at the wishes of the director, to protest against the “breakage” of their statute.

Equipped with sirens, the firefighters did not hesitate to climb scaffolding at the Gare du Nord to harangue the crowd and to water town halls and sub-prefectures.

– “Rosie the Riveter” –

In the street, it’s a tube from the 1980s, “Because of the boys”, which was revisited by feminists from Attac and choreographed to “make you want to demonstrate,” Aurélie Trouvé told AFP. of its spokespersons.

Become “Because of Macron, it’s the fall of pensions for Fatou and Marion / Because of Macron, big losers we will be”: the chorus is sung by women in work overalls, damn with red polka dots and household gloves , taking up the iconic image of “Rosie the Riveter” who made American arms factories run during the Second World War.

“We first made a clip, seen 200,000 times on Vimeo, then a tutorial, and a complete kit with the lyrics, indication of costumes, etc., that we are asked everywhere,” enthuses Youlie Yamamoto, coordinator of the project and tax controller.

The hard core of the “Rosie”, which recruits women at the start of demonstrations, is growing visibly and is becoming the highlight of the mobilizations on pensions, in Paris but also in the provinces of Angers, Le Mans or Périgueux.

Youlie Yamamoto no longer knows where to turn, as the “choreo” flashmob way is requested, by teachers on strike in Montreuil or for a GA of teachers in Evry. “An English DJ even asked us for rights!”, She says. “What delights me the most is when I come back outside of militant circles.”

Launched on January 9 on the sidelines of the Paris parade by 25 participants, the happy troop ended up at a hundred on the steps of the Opera Bastille at the end of the event.

Lugubres, two large black vultures with wings in garbage bags, symbolizing BlackRock and perched on long sticks, parade just behind the “Rosies”. The government recently awarded the French boss of this asset manager the Legion of Honor, a “scandal” for a number of protesters opposed to the pension reform.


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