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 Original title: From qualifiers to Grand Slam summit, British star Radu Canu’s “Chinese-style faith”

The 18-year-old British star Radukanu performed a miracle at the US Open on the 11th. He won 10 consecutive women’s singles titles from the qualifying rounds and did not lose a set. This laughing girl with half Chinese descent once proudly said that the Chinese-style inner conviction gave her confidence.

A few months ago, Raducanu, who participated in a major for the first time with a wild card, surprised Wimbledon. Going forward with a ranking outside of 300, they beat their opponents in straight sets for three consecutive rounds, and two of them are ranked in the top 50 in the world.

Although the fourth round regrettably retired due to physical discomfort, Raducanu has already ignited in the UK. The media rushed to report that his father was from Romania and his mother was from China. He was a new tennis star who immigrated to the UK from Canada when he was 2 years old.

Radukanu is proud of her diverse background. Before the epidemic, she would regularly travel to her parents’ hometown and even train at the sports college in her mother’s hometown of Shenyang. She said that one of her favorite tennis players is Romanian star Halep, and the other is China’s Grand Slam champion Li Na.

“Although Li Na has retired, I watched a lot of her game videos on the Internet.” Radukanu once said, “Because she played really aggressively, I was most impressed by her movement. She is always agile. She is quick and very powerful. She will never give up any chance to attack.”

In New York, the strength of Raducanu, who played the Grand Slam for the second time, is even more amazing. She is calm and stable, brave and persevering, and became the first person to reach the top of the Grand Slam in the Open era from qualifiers. In addition to the wave of congratulations from the British cultural and sports circles, the Queen of England sent a congratulatory message to Radukanu for the first time.

Radukanu said bluntly after the game that because he was only 18 years old, he didn’t feel any nervousness after playing. She just concentrated on thinking about the game plan, leaving everything else behind. She also said that her parents who were “difficult to please” had always been strict with her, which allowed her to keep her feet on the ground to succeed step by step. Talking to his family after the game, Radukanu said that his father just said “You are better than his father expected”, and this is the greatest affirmation.

In an interview with the magazine before, Radukanu also specifically mentioned the influence of her mother on her. “I think confidence comes from inner beliefs. My mother is from China, and they all have inner beliefs. That doesn’t mean that you need to tell everyone how good you are, but to believe in yourself in your heart. I respect this culture very much. “

Radukanu also said that her mother instilled many good qualities in her, such as discipline and respect for others. “My mother is a great motivation for me, and she always leads by example and tells me what hard work is.”

According to Radukanu, although she can’t read and write Chinese, her Mandarin is “very good” because at home, she and her mother both speak Mandarin, “especially when we don’t want my father to know the secrets”. This also makes Chinese tennis players such as Raducanu and Zhang Shuai become good friends, and the smooth communication makes them very happy to get along with each other.

The importance attached to education by her parents makes Radukanu not just a tennis player. She has been attending a full-time middle school, using her spare time to train and do her homework. Raducanu said: “Education has helped me a lot on the field because I learned how to process a lot of information and make decisions in a short time. Compared with many young players, I have a stronger tactical awareness. “

“My parents have high expectations of me. They always push me forward, and I always try my best not to let down their expectations.” After accumulating and accumulating, Radukanu not only took the high school graduation exam during these crazy months. He achieved excellent results in China and won the US Open trophy, and the world ranking is about to approach the top 20. (Reporter Zhang Wei Zhang Yifei)


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