Fuchi! No one wanted a batch of $ 306 thousand panties in Los Pinos


Without further interest from the participating public for most of the 292 lots auctioned, it was carried out the 4th Auction with Social Sense of Personal Property organized by the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen, in the Cultural Complex Los Pinos.

Call for the fourth Auction with Social Sense

On this occasion it was diverse merchandise such as construction items, industrial machinery, vehicles not suitable for registration (scrap metal), electronic equipment, solar panels, cell phones, tableware, travel suitcases, industrial boots, canvas rolls, buckles, household goods, even women’s underwear.

In the latter case, lot 3 of more than 10,710 panties for 306,400 pesos did not cause the interest of the participants for more encouragement that the auctioneer put to the bid.

Extraordinary opportunity to do business, increase in wealth, who did I say? 306 thousand 400 pesos at one, at two, at three. It is declared desert ”

What could be marketed was lot 62, made up of 39 electronic tablets at a rate of just over 3,000 pesos each.

At the start of the auction and amid sanitary security conditions to which all those who attended the esplanade of what was once the presidential residence were subjected, the head of this institute, Jaime Cárdenas reported that the resources obtained are they will allocate for the benefit of the municipalities of Temozón, Yucatán; and, Cuajinicuilapa, Guerrero.

We are in a circumstance in which your economic interest, private, to maximize your economic benefit contributes to the well-being of the community, contributes to the well-being of all.

Then, these resources that we will obtain in the auction will benefit the poorest people in our country ”

The total starting price of the 292 lots is 69.3 million pesos and they are assets transferred to INDEP by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, the Federal Judicial Branch and the Tax Administration Service.



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