Funke media group attacked by hackers

Dhe Funke media group claimed to have been the victim of a hacker attack on Tuesday. Your newspapers therefore appear on Wednesday only with emergency editions. “This affects numerous systems nationwide,” said a spokesman in the early evening. “We are working flat out on the solution.”

The Essen police determined, as they confirmed on request. The central and contact point Cybercrime (ZAC) took over the procedure at the public prosecutor’s office, as a spokesman said. For the time being, there is no evidence that customer or user data has been stolen, said the media group.

According to ZAC, systems at the media company were encrypted from the outside. It is still unclear whether it is blackmail. “The situation is very dynamic.” The attack lasted until Tuesday evening, said the media group. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports from Funke employees, some of whom could no longer log into the company network. The users of the alleged blackmail software should demand a ransom in the form of Bitcoin.

According to the media group, all of the company’s major locations in Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia are affected. The failure affects several central IT systems via which the various locations, editorial offices and printing plants of the Essen media house are connected.

“The Funkemedien newspapers will unfortunately have to appear with an emergency issue tomorrow due to a cyber attack. The websites of the brand portals are currently running stable. For the time being, all chargeable content is free, ”said Funke’s Digital Editor-in-Chief, Carsten Erdmann, on Twitter. “We ask for your apology and understanding.”


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