Future Ax chips: ever finer engraving for consistently top performance

Apple and TSMC, it’s definitely a rolling business. It is thanks to the Taiwanese founder that the iPhone 12 can benefit from an A14 engraved at 5 nm, a first in the industry which participates in record chip performance. We know that the fineness of the engraving is not there only to look pretty: it is a major technological issue which makes it possible to increase the density and the energy yield of the chips (read: 10 nm, 7 nm, 5 nm: fine engraving, a challenge for the mobile world). By the way, this is also what allows the M1 chip – also engraved at 5 nm – of Macs to do so good impression.

So why stop there? According to TrendForce, the A15 chip expected next year will be engraved according to the 5nm + process, an improved version of the 5nm which will provide additional energy efficiency and performance. And in 2022, the A16 chip should pass a new milestone with an engraving in 4 nm, thus offering even more potato while moderating its energy consumption.

In view of the performance of the A14, this bodes well for the rest of the iPhone adventure, but also for the Mac since the M1 chip is based on the technologies implemented in the A14. The Apple M1 is very powerful, but it will be the least powerful chip in the new story the manufacturer is writing for its computers.


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