Future of the peacock in Zurich – the 94-year-old hall should go

Old on the outside, modern on the inside: the city council wants to comprehensively renew the theater. SVP and AL oppose the planned demolition.

The historic Pfauen-Saal from 1926. The city council considers it to be out of date.

Photo: Thomas Egli

IIn ten years it will celebrate its premiere, the completely renovated theater on Heimplatz. From the outside, the building will look almost the same as it does today. Inside, however, the peacock would not be recognizable, almost everything would be new: the stage, the hall, the foyer. At least that’s what the city council wants. Two years ago he presented the replacement of the interior as the best solution for the peacock. A significant part of the historical building fabric, belower the hall from 1926 would have to be demolished for this.

The planned Destruction met resistance. Homeland Security protested. Dhe council urged the city government to consider gentler approaches. She has this now made up. And came to the same result.

«We haven did not decide lightly»said Mayor Corine Mauch (SP) on Wednesday at a press conference on the Pfauenbühne. «We are proud of that historical legacy of this house.» But it would be wrong to see the peacock as a museum theater. The performances in it have always been contemporary. «In order for the peacock to develop, this intervention is necessary“Said Mauch.

The building services are also considered out of date.

The building services are also considered out of date.

Photo: Thomas Egli

One thing is undisputed: the building from 1889 needs renovation. The building services are in poor condition. Part of the audience doesn’t hear or see what’s going on on stage. It quickly gets tight in the foyer and behind the stage. «I don’t know of any theater that has so many structural problems»said Nicolas Stemann, Co-Director of the Schauspielhausit is.

It has been widely clarified what it takeseto get a «Guckkastenbühne» how to successfully operate the peacock in the 21st century, said Corine Mauch. Because of these conditions played the city council different scenarios by. He rejected the three most radical ones relatively quickly: a new building at the previous location (too ahistorical), a new building at a different location (the location on Heimplatz is too good) and a historical reconstruction of the current building (contradicts the preservation order).

It costs 115 million francs

He had four redevelopment options within the existing perimeter block be examined more closely. With the gentlest, today’s room layout would have remained the same. There was also a choice, the pillars in Remove hallto improve vision. Three variants would have received part of the historic interior. The city council preferred the fourth option, which is a completely new onegestaltung provides.

«At the anderen Variants would have left many of today’s disadvantages»said Head of Construction André Odermatt (SP). A comprehensive renovation creates the best conditions for future visitors and the 300 employees of the theater. The hall and stage could be optimally coordinated with each other, and all spectators benefit from good visibility and good acoustics. With 115 million francs komme the new building is even a little cheaper than the gentler renovation options. The board of directors of the Schauspielhaus has also changed «unconditionally» placed behind.

The city council regrets that the hall was destroyed in 1926. The peacock stays anyway «Place of remembrance»Said André Odermatt. It doesn’t necessarily need to be for one the old building, let the legacy also convey differently.

Thes denies the Zurich Homeland security. «The peacock hall has a magical aura thanks to its outstanding history. It is impossible to replace it», says Vice President Lydia Trüb. The hall still enables sensational productions. A demolition meant one «Act of ignorance». Die best solution is eine careful renovation.

DThe Homeland Security fights for this on the legal path. To make the demolition possible, stroked the city council 2018 the Inventoryshelter under which the peacock stands. D.the association has appealed. «We believe we ghave good cards»says Lydia Gloomy. The City council project could moreover Become the target of building law appeals because the new hall is to be higher than the previous one building.

Resistance from left and right

The city council cannot be certain of political approval either. The Project planning loan of CHF 13.9 million must the local council approve, Please and AL have already announced resistance. The SVP wants to Use «vehemently» for the peacock hall, which is reminiscent of the spiritual national defense. Other parties such as the SP and FDP do not yet have a position set.

If the parish council says yes, the population will decide whether they want to keep the hall. At the earliest It’s coming in 2024 to the referendum.


Published: 11/18/2020, 2:20 pm

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