Gas and electricity: more and more individuals and small businesses are struggling to pay their bills

According to some suppliers, the phenomenon has grown in recent months.


French nuclear power plant. (AFP / SEBASTIEN BOZON)

While the health indicators of the Covid-19 epidemic are deteriorating in France, posing the threat of a third confinement and a still prolonged economic crisis, gas and electricity suppliers are seeing an increase in the difficulties of payment of individuals and small professionals, reports The Parisian .

“Three-quarters of unpaid bills today come from customers who are usually non-precarious, that is to say, not touching the energy check. They were only half before,” EDF said on a daily basis. According to some suppliers, the phenomenon “has grown in recent months”, especially for professional customers, not protected by the winter break, which takes place each year from November 1 to March 31. Asked by The Parisian , the energy mediator indicated that if professionals “usually represent a small share of requests” from their services, “globally around 3%”, the share “has doubled this year”.

The government put in place in November a system of deferral of payment of energy bills between October 17 and up to 2 months after the end of the restriction measures, as well as a ban on suspension, reduction or termination. energy supply contracts in the event of difficulties.


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